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Member: Painted-Panda

Status: Active Member

Caps in bank: 584

Stardust: 445

Mission Rank: Bronze - 4

No of missions completed: 7

NO of Pokemon: 61 / 120

Type(s): Fire / Dark / Ghost


ID Pokemon M/F Traits Link
30 Houndoom M Variant X
31 Gengar M X
33 Moltres F Blend (Dragon) X
62 Eevee F Variant X
88 Golett F Variant X
125 Scolipede M Shiny X
141 Eevee M Exclusive X
154 Skiddo F Exclusive X
223 Slyveon/Duskull M Mixed X
240 Chatot F Exclusive X
242 Eevee/Ghastly M Mixed X
322 Loppunny M Shiny x
485 Goomy/Tepig F Mixed x
546 Cubone / Growlithe F Variant, Mixed, Shiny x
555 Rapidash M Blend (Flying) x
749 Nidoking M x
1985 Alolan Persian F
1994 Mimikyu/Psyduck F Mixed x
2348 Beartic M X
2915 Sealeo M X
2948 Delcatty M Shiny X
2998 Vulpix F Blend (Ghost) X
2999 Sentret/Spoink F Mixed
3000 Entei/Mismagius M Mixed
3015 Ralts/Duskull/Absol F Mixed X
3425 Swoobat M Variant X
3442 Magearna F X
3443 Numel/Weezing M X
3445 Bewear M Shiny X
3520 Ursaring/Pangoro F Mixed, Shiny, Variant
3660 Eevee F **Exclusive** x
3967 Rotom (Base) F **Exclusive**
3998 Minior (Pink) M X
4054 Blitzle F Variant X
4055 Raikou/Fennekin M Mixed X
4332 Quilava/Sylveon F Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Poison)
4706 Tyrantrum/Heliolisk/Vaporeon F Mixed
5159 Buneary/Minccino F Mix Breed/Shiny/Variant X
5778 Buneary F Shiny X
5797 Growlithe F Variant x
5862 Mamoswine/Simisage M Mixed x
6213 Growlithe/Espurr M Mixed x
6223 Stunky F x
6224 Abra F x
6458 Ponyta/Rufflet/Growlithe M Shiny, Mixed
6544 Spritzee M Shiny X
6902 Houndour F X
6939 Houndour F X
7095 Poochyena F X
7278 Darkrai M X
7496 Alolan Raichu M X
8188 Pupitar M X
8385 Pumpkaboo F Shiny X
8386 Rockruff F X
8387 Cyndaquil F X
8413 Salandit M X
10856 Stunfisk/Magby M Mixed
10860 Mega Aggron M Shiny
10902 Houndour F Blue Moon
10912 Cubchoo/Cleffa M Mixed
10913 Regigigas M Shiny
12247 Ponyta/Skiddo F Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Ghost) X
13200 Deerling/Pumpkaboo M Mixed Breed/Blend (Ice) X
13558 Musharna/Shroomish M Mixed


Rare Out-Of-Stock Items Breeding Items Other Items + Eggs
Swampertite x1 Destiny Knot x1 Basic Exploration Pack x1
Legendary Egg x1 Gender Swap Herb x11 Form Change Powder x2
Legendary DNA x2 Re-Roll dice x11 Tutor Berry x3
Mutant Poffin x1 Glitter Berry x3 Evolution Shard x23
Blood Moon Chunk x2 Mix up Berry x3 Regular Rare Candy x5
Reset Poffin x2 Mutant Berry x3 Rare Candy MAX x2
Sparkle Poffin x2 Blend Berry x8 Breeder's Egg x1
Blend Poffin x2 Hormone Booster x1 Precious Metal Expl. Pk x1
Mixed Poffin x1 Exclusive Berry x1 Rare candy Deluxe x1
Camerupitite x1 Lunar Berry x1 egg re-roll x1
Kangaskhanite x1
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