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Member: Lapislazulli2512

Status: Active

Caps in bank: 2180

Stardust: 1437

Mission Rank: Bronze - 1

No of missions completed: 0

NO of Pokemon: 86 / 174

Type(s): Water / Electric / Dragon




M/F Trait Link
1 Virizion M Steel/water blend X
50 Sawsbuck M Ice blend X
68 Rapidash F Dragon blend X
108 Mega-Absol F Shiny X
109 Darkrai/Absol M Mixed X
128 Mega-Absol M Psychic blend X
135 Leafeon M **Exclusive** X
184 Ampharos F Shiny x
201 Vaporeon M **Exclusive** x
305 Ditto (Xerneas) F **Exclusive** x
509 Aerodacytl / Blitzle M Shiny mixed ghost blend x
1068 Leafeon/Lopunny F Mixed X
1359 Purrloin F Variant, Blend(Ghost) X
2056 Musdale M Variant X
2576 Northern lights Rockruff F **Exclusive** X
2868 Magician Delphox M **Exclusive** X
4742 Gingerbread Eevee M **Exclusive*
7213 Mega Absol F Blue Moon
7216 Mega Absol M Blood Moon
7490 Absol F **Blood Moon** X
8649 Sylveon M **Exclusive** X
8668 Glaceon F **Exclusive**
8881 Doublade/Absol M Variant, Mixed X
9822 Zubat/Ponyta F Mixed X
9886 Eevee/Ninetails M Mixed X
10030 Keldeo M Blend (?)
10429 Espeon/Sawsbuck/Eelektross M Mixed X
10430 Rapidash/Lapras F Mixed, Variant X
10432 Zebstrika/Houndoom/Haxorus M Mixed X
10434 Luxray/Cofagrigus M Mixed, Variant X
10440 Arcanine F Variant X
10446 Zebstrika/Tyrantrum M Mixed X
10447 Houndoom/Butterfree/Meowstic F Mixed X
10448 Absol M Shiny, Blend (Flying) X
10452 Zebstrika/Samurott M Mixed X
10456 Absol/Flareon/Reshiram M Mixed/Shiny/Variant/Blend (Fighting) X
10457 Ninetails/Gardevoir F Mixed, Shiny, Variant X
10459 Arcanine/Zoroark M Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Fighting) X
10460 Amaura M Blend (Bug/Fairy) X
10464 Arcanine M Shiny, Variant X
10465 Dragonair F Blend (Grass/Flying) X
10466 Vulpix/Ekans/Mawile F Mixed X
10468 Zebstrika F Variant X
10469 Leafeon/Ninetails/Aurorus M Mixed X
10470 Zebstrika/Serperior F Mixed X
10473 Ekans/Mawile/Vulpix F Mixed X
10474 Seaking/Zebstrika M Mixed X
10475 Rapidash/Dragonite M Mixed X
10476 Pyroar F Shiny / variant / pure fire blend  X
10477 Rapidash/Spiritomb/Venomoth M Mixed, Shiny, Variant X
10478 Rapidash F Shiny, Blend (Flying) X
10479 Blitzle/Tynamo M MixedBlend (Dragon/Water) X
10481 Rapidash/Houndoom/Pidgeot M Mixed, Shiny, Blend (Dragon) X
10485 Deino/Gible/Blitzle M Mixed X
10486 NIdoking/Deino M Mixed X
10487 Nidoqueen/Deino F Mixed X
10489 Leafeon F Shiny, Blend (Dark/Flying) X
10490 Zebstrika/Gastly F Mixed X
10493 Growlithe/Eevee M Mixed X
10494 Rapidash/Noivern F Mixed, Variant, Blend (Ghost) X
10495 Aerodactyl/Serperior M Mixed X
10496 Leafeon/Milotic M Mixed X
10497 Lopunny/Carbink F Mixed, Shiny X
10498 Blitzle/Tyrunt/Deino M Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Ghost) X
10499 Gardevoir/Mega-diancie F shiny / variant / mixed breed X
10500 Ponyta/Riolu M Mixed, Variant, Blend (Dragon) X
10501 Leafeon/Altaria F Mixed X
10502 Ponyta/Ralts F Mixed, Shiny X
10504 Eevee/Growlithe F Mixed, Shiny, Blend (Dragon) X
10505 Ponyta/Deerling M Mixed X
10506 Ponyta/Aron M Mixed, Shiny X
10507 Eevee/Mawile F Mixed X
10508 Charmander M Shiny / variant / electric blend X
10513 Liepard F Shiny; Blend (Dragon) X
10622 Umbreon/Floatzel M Mixed Breed X
10781 Eevee/Zygarde 10% F Variant/Mixed/Blend(Bug) X
11009 Mishipeshu Growlithe M Exclusive X
11010 Absol F Blue Moon X
11198 Ponyta F Blend (Water) X
11469 Leafeon F Variant X
11932 Krampus Skiddo M **Exclusive** X
11933 Absol/Shaymin (Sky) F Mixed X
11934 Absol/Shaymin (Land) M Mixed X
11935 Articuno M Shiny / Variant / Blend (Dragon / Steel)  X
11936 Suicune/Samurott  F Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Steel/Fairy)  X
12355 Articuno/Latias M Shiny variant mixed X
13345 Rapidash M Blend (Steel) X
13346 Absol/Banette F Mixed X
13352 Charmander F Shiny, Variant, Blend (Dragon) X


Rare Out-Of-Stock Items Breeding Items Other Items
Prize Egg x1 Gender swap herb x12 Precious Metal Explor. Pack -
Exclusive Egg x3 re-roll dice x12 Evolution Shard x18
Sparkle poffin x3 Glitter berry x10 Form Change Powder x9
 Charizardite Y x1 Mix up berry x17 Skipping Stone x8
Blend Poffin x2 Mutant berry x22 breeders egg x7
Mutant Poffin x2 Blend berry x11 type specific egg x5
Blue Moon Shard x2 odd egg x4
Blood Moon Chunk x1 Egg Re roll x9
Legendary Egg x1 Tutor Berry x1
Mixed Poffin x1
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