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Member: Hammyhammy22

Status: Active

Caps in bank: 2549

Stardust: 75

Mission Rank: Normal

No of missions completed: 0

No of Pokemon: 105 / 115

No of Garchomp line: 7

No of Cuteifly: 3

No of Jolteon:

Type(s): Electric/Steel/Poison


ID Pokemon M/F Traits Link
5 Thundurus

(Therin forme)

M Steel blend X
6 Aron F X
7 Oddish/Dragonair M Mixed X
8 Blitzle F X
32 Beldum M shiny X
38 Girafarig/Absol M mixed, dragon blend X
39 Girafarig/Shuppet F mixed
40 Growlithe/Eevee F shiny, variant, mixed X
61 Froslass F shiny X
64 Elgyem F poison blend X
77 Swirlix/Electrike M mixed
78 Charmander F electric blend X
117 Cyndaquil M pure fire/ ground blend
136 Eevee M exclusive
169 Gogoat M exclusive X
170 Numel/Garbador F mixed X
190 Mega Ampharos/Girafarig F mixed X
242 Espeon/Arcanine M shiny, variant, mixed, poison blend X
243 Mega-Houndoom M shiny, variant X
252 Bellsprout/Exeggcute M mixed
270 Alt Forme Giratina M dark blend
284 Ditto (Zapdos) M exclusive X
312 Shroomish/Parasect F mixed X
318 Electrike M steel blend X
363 Sableye M variant X
385 Toxicroak/Garchomp/


M mixed X
402 Aromatisse M Blood moon x
538 Snorunt / Misdreavus / Murkrow F shiny, variant, mixed
781 Milotic/Exploud M mixed X
882 Slurpuff M shiny, variant, bug blend
896 Haxorus/Skymin M shiny, mixed X
1051 Gabite F
1164 Gible F Variant
1237 Machop F steel blend
1241 Machoke F variant
1245 Cyndaquil/Gible M Mixed variant dark blend
1323 Machop M variant
1403 Hoopa (Unbound)/Mawile M Mixed X
1627 Gible M
1893 Cutiefly F
2264 Bergmite/Gabite M Mixed Breed
2841 Cutiefly/Mega Aerodactyl F Mixed Breed
2853 Cutiefly F
2867 Cutiefly F
3165 Gible M
3178 Pichu/Chikorita M Variant; Mixed Breed; Blend (Dragon)
3571 Ralts/Suicune M Mixed
3725 Lugia/Buneary M Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Rock)
3955 Type:Null M
3956 Cutiefly M
3987 Zebstrika/Typhlosion M Mixed, Shiny, Ground blend
3988 Blitzle/Growlithe M Shiny, variant. mixed
3989 Blitzle/Eevee F Shiny, variant, mixed, poison blend X
3990 Gible/Growlithe M Shiny, variant, mixed, electric blend X
3991 Garchomp/Giratina F Mixed poison blend x
4003 Bounsweet F Blend (Fighting)
4182 Gible/Duskull F Variant mixed
4848 Growlithe/Spritzee F Mixed, Shiny
4849 Sharpedo/Garchomp F Mixed, Shiny
4903 Mega Garchomp/Metang M Mixed, Shiny, Variant x
4948 Gible M Dark electric blend
5399 Mega Garchomp F Variant, Blend (Fairy)
5799 Starly/Shinx/Raichu M Mixed
5810 Famine Deerling M Exclusive
6046 Tepig/Mega banette/Latias M Mixed X
6064 Ponyta/Mega manectric/Moltres F Mixed
6526 Gible/Cutiefly M Mixed Breed; Variant X
6546 Spritzee M Shiny
6612 Spritzee/Mareep F Variant/Mixed
6635 Serperior/Garchomp/Tyrantrum M Variant, Mixed
6779 Spinarak F Variant
6930 Alolan Grimer/Spritzee F Mixed X
7027 Duskull M
8782 Sneasel/Budew M Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Psychic)
8790 Espeon M **Exclusive**
9901 Litwick M Shiny; Blend (Fairy)
10570 Ditto/Vibrava/Sawsbuck (Spring) F Variant, Mixed, Blend (Posion/Psychic)
10087 Poochyena/Electrike M Mixed, Shiny, Variant
10867 Poipole F
10911 Joltik F Blend (Poison/Dark)
11263 Eevee/Amaura F Variant / Mixed Breed / Blend / (dark)
11276 Beedrill/Vespiquen/Wigglytuff F Mixed
11449 Mawile F Blend(Dark/Poison)
11450 Sandshrew M
11451 Girafarig F
11452 Charmander/Minun F Mixed
11453 Charmander/Pulsle F Mixed
11454 Nidoking M Dark/Ghost blend
11455 Slowpoke M
11456 Girafarig/Mareep M Shiny mixed
11457 Mawile F Variant
11458 Mawile/Slowpoke M Mixed
11459 Mawile M ??? Blend
11460 Wailord F Shiny
11461 Kricketot/Snivy M Mixed
11462 Mega-Garchomp/Meloetta (pirouette) M Mixed
11463 Celebi F Shiny variant Pure grass blend
11464 Eevee M Shiny grass blend
11465 Omanyte M Shiny grass blend
11466 Seel F Dark ghost blend
11467 Eevee M Dark ghost blend
11468 Luvdisk/Ditto/Bellsprout F Mixed
12358 Latias F Shiny variant fire/flying blend
12407 Four Horsemen Deering (Pestilence) M **Exclusive**


Rare Out-Of-Stock Items Breeding Items Other Items
Blood Moon Chunk x1 Destiny knot - Basic Exploration Pack x1
Mixed poffin x5 Gender Swap Herb x5 Evolution Shard x13
Legendary DNA x1 Re-Roll dice x7 Form Change powder x1
sparkle Poffin x1 Glitter Berry x3 Regular Rare Candy x12
Exclusive Egg x1 Mix up Berry x9 Egg re-roll x7
Blend Poffin x5 Mutant Berry x12 Skipping Stone x3
Sparkle poffin x1 Blend Berry x3 Rare Candy MAX x3
Hormone Booster x2 Rare Candy Deluxe x2
Exclusive Berry x1 Adv. Form change powder x1
Kangaskhanite x1 Altarianite x1
Swampertite x1 Venusaurite x1
Blazikenite x1 Houndoomite x1
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