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Member: GunsForPaws

Status: Active

Caps in bank: 544

Stardust: 100

Mission Rank Completed: Normal - 0

No of Pokemon: 6 / 30

Type(s): Ice / Dragon / Fairy


ID Pokemon M/F Traits Link
13268 Rotom Frost M Shiny X
13269 Goomy F X
13270 Mimikyu F X
13502 Musharna F Blend (Fire/Dragon) X
13580 Slurpuff/Zweilous M Shiny/Variant/Mixed/Blend (Fairy)
13647 Totodile M
13648 Pumpkaboo F


Rare out of stock
Breeding Items
Other items
Basic Exploration Pack -
Rare Candy Deluxe x2
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