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Member: controllinghavoc

Status: Active Member

Caps in bank: 1735

Stardust: 1600

Mission Rank: Normal

No of missions completed: 1

No of Pokemon: 125 / 200

Type(s): Electric/Psychic/Water


ID Pokemon M/F Type if blend or Ex link
24 Kirlia F X
25 Minun/Espeon M Blend (Dark) X
47 Mew F X
49 Squirtle M X
51 Sawsbuck (Winter) M Variant X
57 Snivy F X
62 Eevee M X
63 Froslass F Shiny
118 Eevee / Vaporeon F Mixed, Variant x
131 Zoura/Heracross F Mixed/Variant/Shiny X
140 Eevee F **Exclusive** X
145 Eevee F **Exclusive**
187 Vulpix F X
220 Fennekin F Shiny x
292 Ditto (Thundurus Therin) M **Exclusive**
409 Amaura F Shiny
414 Zoura/Heracross F Mixed
416 Vulpix F Variant
436 Seviper / Umbreon M Variant x
535 Eevee / Chikorita F Mixed, Shiny, Variant
563 Chimecho F Blend (Ice) X
675 Eevee F Shiny x
684 Cyndaquil M
699 Horsea F x
717 Latias F
723 Milotic/Eevee F Mixed
1213 Charmander/


M Mixed, Blend (Water) X
1366 Hoopa M
1373 Purloin / Kirlia F Mixed
1423 Manaphy/Snivy M Mixed
1539 Goomy M Blend (Flying) X
1555 Mismagius/Phantump/Haunter F Mixed variant pure grass blend x
1590 Snivy/Celebi F Mixed, Shiny X
1877 Vulpix M Variant
2139 Latios/Mespirit/Pidgeot F Mixed
2071 Vaporeon/Luvdisc F x
2176 Vaporeon/Salazzle F Mixed X
2177 Gengar/Mismagius M Mixed, Blend (Fire)
2231 Eevee/Yveltal/Cosmog F Mixed
2306 Shedinja/Gardevoir F Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Steel/Flying) X
2324 Swablu/Giratina F Mixed
2329 Meloetta (Aria) F Variant
2384 Northern light Rockruff F **Exclusive**
2464 Shaymin(Bush Form) M
2472 Umbreon/Tapu Fini F Mixed
2494 Celebi/Magby F Mixed, Shiny, Blend (Dragon)
2514 Nihilego F X
2515 Gible/Lunala M Mixed
2533 Darkrai F Variant, Blend (Fairy)
2602 Tapu Lele F
2644 Eevee/Cosmog F Mixed X
2647 Vulpix/Chingling F Mixed, Blend (Ghost/Ice) X
2741 Incineroar/Pheromosa F Mixed X
2802 Mew/Vulpix F Mixed
2803 Vaporeon/Goodra F Mixed, Blend (Grass)
2829 Jirachi/Growlithe M Mixed
2907 Cutiefly M
3096 Shaymin (Sky) F Shiny
3110 Swirlix F Shiny, Variant, Blend (*Fairy)
3342 Mew/Stufful M Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Dragon) X
3524 Braixen/Vaporeon F Mixed, Shiny
3525 Vaporeon/Lumineon/Charmeleon M Mixed
3529 Mega Rayquaza/Dialga M Mixed, Shiny
3530 Kommo-o/Croconaw M Mixed, Shiny, Variant
3531 Doduo/Porygon 2 M Mixed, Shiny, Variant
3635 Eevee F Shiny
3647 Pichu F Blend (Water/Dragon)
3719 Fennekin M **Exclusive**
3760 Minior Core (Purple)/Vaporeon/Umbreon M Mixed
3938 Minun M Blend (Dark/Psychic) X
3966 Game Form Rotom M **Exclusive**
3985 Mew F Shiny X
4035 Vaporeon/Umbreon F Mixed/Shiny/variant
4036 Vaporeon/Heliolisk M Mixed
4202 Petilil F Shiny, Variant  X
4330 Oddish F Variant
4521 Sylveon/Yamask F Mixed/Shiny/Variant X
4753 Vaporeon/Weavile M Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Poison/Fire)
4754 Vaporeon/Frillish F Mixed, Shiny, Variant, Blend (Pure Water/Poison)
5004 Vulpix M Variant, Blend (Dark)
5074 Vaporeon M Shiny, Variant, Blend (Electric/Steel)
5129 Braixen/Spinda F Shiny, Mixed, Blend (Poison)
5130 Dragonair/Espurr M Shiny, Variant, Mixed
5131 Vaporeon/Gengar M Shiny, Variant, Mixed
5306 Cosmoem F Blend (Fairy)
5351 Ponyta/Cosmog F Mixed Breed; Blend (Pure Fire/Ghost/Dark)
5362 Zygarde (10%)/Eevee/Shaymin (Sky) M Mixed Breed
5363 Cosmog F
5506 Mesprit F Variant
6516 Chikorita/Eevee/Formantis F Mixed Breed/Variant
6540 Glaceon F Blend (Fire/Pure Ice)
6670 Buneary F Shiny
6780 Vaporeon/Yamask F Shiny; Variant; Mixed Breed
7030 Kirlia F Ghost blend X
7128 Celebi/Fenniken/Vaporeon F Mixed; Shiny; Variant
7129 Vaporeon/Froslass F Mixed; Shiny
7130 Eevee/Passimian M Mixed; Shiny
7326 Misdreavous/Litwick/Duskull F Mixed
7349 Vaporeon M Variant
7350 Braixen/Luxray M Mixed
7351 Xerneas/Type: Null M Shiny/Mixed
7485 Alolan Raichu/Tsareena F Mixed
7743 Meowstic F Variant
7777 Cobalion M Shiny
7993 Minccino/Eevee M Mixed Breed, Blend ( Psychic, Flying, Ice )
7991 Minccino/Chingling F Mixed Breed, Blend ( Pure Psychic, Flying, Fire )
8437 Alolan Vulpix F
8719 Vaporeon F **Exclusive**
9440 Ralts/Poipole F Mixed Breed
9792 Popplio F
9974 Chingling F Shiny
9975 Rockruff M Blend (Ice)
10307 Litwick/Vaporeon F Shiny; Variant; Mixed Breed; Blend (Pure Water)
11319 Palossand/Absol M Shiny, Variant, Mixed, Blend (Electric)
11676 Minccino F
11677 Umbreon M
11678 Misdreavus F
11868 Horseman War Deerling M Exclusive
12224 Shinx M
12353 Latias F Shiny variant ice pure dragon blend
12406 Eevee/Chingling M Shiny; Variant; Mixed; Blend (Ghost)
13093 Vaporeon/Jirachi M Shiny, Variant, Mixed
13138 Litwick/Fennekin F Shiny variant electric/Fairy blend mixed
13297 Pichu/Abra M Mixed
13513 Vulpix M Shiny, Blend (Fire+)
13521 Spearow M Blend (Dragon)


Rare Out-Of-Stock Items Breeding Items Other Items + Eggs
EXP Share - Destiny Knot x1 Basic Exploration Pack x1
Mixed Poffin x2 Lunar Berry x3 Evolution shard x6
Blend poffin x2 Mix up Berry x5 Form Change Powder x2
Houndoomite x1 Blend Berry x2 Tutor Berry x5
Blazikenite x1 Glitter Berry x1
Mutant Poffin x2 Mutant Berry x2 Rare Candy x3
Blue Moon Shard x1 Gender swap herb x8 Delux Rare Candy x3
Swap poffin x2 Exclusive Berry x2 MAX Rare Candy x2
Sparkle Poffin x2 Re-roll dice x2 Egg re-roll x6
Legendary DNA x2 Gender swap herb x3 Breeder's Egg x1
Blended Ghost Poffin x1 Hormone booster x1 Type-determined Egg x2
Legendary Egg x1 Skipping stone x1
Exclusive Egg x1
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