Here in Crescent Caverns we have two breeding days a week, these are Tuesday and Thursday. All pokémon must have a reference sheet and be level 10 (as a minimum) in order to breed. Each member will be issued with 6 slots for breeding a week. 3 slots for initiating a breeding, 3 slots for participating in one.

In layman's terms: You can send three notes & You're part of three notes savvy?

-If you breed two of your own pokémon this will use two slots (one participation, one initiation).

The Breeding Note

NOTE TITLE (Username A, Username B- breeding) ((if it's just you don't bother with the second username))









Items used: Y/N (If Y list items, including gender swap herbs whose inventory they came from)

Please be sure to keep your reference sheets up to date (Items used, Gender swapped if permanent, evolved etc.) otherwise we may have to deny your breeding note until the ref is updated.

What to do with babbies? Each clutch can hold 2 to 10 babies max. The clutch owner can decide to sell some of the babies as Colour Your Own or Design Your Owns- Only Half or less of the clutch can be CYO's or DYO's. In the event of an uneven clutch I.e 5, then 3 Must be designed and 2 can be DYO/CYO. 

Clutch Info Needed in artists comment-

Clutch ID:

Parents: (Provide the links to their ref sheets)

Level of clutch:

With each baby you must state, the gender, the species, special traits, types- maybe a brief explanation to design or what inspired it.

Legendaries (Note: two legendary pokemon cannot breed)

Blue moon Pokemon (note: Two blue moon Pokemon cannot breed)

The chance to obtain Blue Moons, Legendaries and Exclusives may seem low, however they are supposed to be hard to get a hold of. It's not all doom and gloom though Legendaries can be obtained from eggs.

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