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This guide has been formed on the stones of Cresselia's cavern. There are twelve stones with unown lettering spelling out the name of the full moon of each month, you can make out the names "Thunder Moon", "Pink Moon", "Harvest Moon", "Worm Moon" the ones you can make out.

The stones depict the images of beautiful graceful pokemon that are the aids to Cresselia, however they also show depictions of fierce savage destructive hunters bent to Darkrai's will.

The Pink Moon or Bloom Moon Edit

File:Blue blood moon spritzee aromatisse.png

Time of Year: April

Pokemon: Spritzee/Aromatisse

Type(s): Fairy/Psychic/Grass

Ability: Serene Grace

Moves: All moon based moves, Petal Dance

Blood moon Type(s): Fairy/Dark/Poison

Blood moon Ability: Nightmare

Blood moon Moves: Dark Void, Poison Gas/Smog

No in group: 7

The Beaver Moon Edit

File:Blue moon bibarel.png

Time of Year: November

Pokemon: Bidoof/Bibarrel

Blue moon type(s): Bidoof: Normal/Psychic/Grass

Bibarrel: Normal/water/Psychic/grass

Blue moon ability: Grassy Surge

Blue moon moves: All moon based moves, Growth, heal pulse
File:Blood moon bibarrel.png

Blood moon Type(s): Bidoof: Normal/Dark/Fire

Bibarrel: Normal/water/Dark/Fire

Blood moon Ability: Nightmare

Blood moon Moves: Dark Void, Fire fang,Overheat

No in group: 5

The Flower Moon Edit


Time of Year: May

Pokemon: Petilil/Liligant

Blue moon type(s): Grass + Water

Blue moon ability: Water veil

Blue moon moves: Moon-based moves, Rain Dance, Floral Healing

Blood moon Type(s): Grass/Dark/Poison

Blood moon Ability: Corrosion

Blood moon Moves: Dark pulse, Dark void

No in group: 7

The Hunters Moon Edit

File:2017 10 22 absols final.png

Time of Year: October

Pokemon: Absol + Mega Absol

Blue moon type(s): Dark, Psychic, Fairy +Flying (Mega only)

Blue moon ability: Fur Coat

Blue moon moves: Moonlight + Moonblast, Heal Bell, Crush Claw, Rock Smash, Miracle Eye

File:2017 10 11 absols2.jpg

Blood moon Type(s): Pure Dark, Poison +Flying (Mega only)

Blood moon Ability: Bad Dreams

Blood moon Moves: Dark Void, Nightmare, Hex, Heal Block, Mean Look, Shadow Sneak

No in group: ???

Wolf moon Edit

Time of year: January

File:BM Houndoom-0.png

Pokémon: Houndour, Houndoom, Mega-houndoom

Blue moon types: Dark, Psychic, Fairy, Ice

Blue moon ability: White smoke

Blue moon moves: Lunar dance, Moonlight, Moonblast, Mist, Haze, Misty terrain,

Calm mind, Dreameater

File:BLM Houndoom.png

Blood moon types: Dark, fire, Dragon, Ghost

Blood moon ability: Cursed body

Blood moon moves: Ominous wind, Nightshade, Dragon breath, poison gas, Smog, Smokescreen, Dark void

No in group: ???

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